What you need to know before adoption?

So you’re looking for a rescue dog? That’s great! We commend your choice, and your compassion.

Rescuing a dog is a rewarding, lifechanging experience. Those who choose rescue, often do it because they feel a strong sense of moral duty, to open their homes to someone without one. However, before embarking on this path, we urge all potential adopters to thoroughly research what it means to adopt a rescue dog, as the road to living harmoniously with your new furry friend may not be a straightforward one!

Rescue dogs have a high risk of having been exposed to either abuse, neglect, abandonment, or lack of proper training and socialising in their critical younger years. This can result in fears, phobias, anxieties, and abnormal behaviours, absent in dogs who have been lucky enough to grow up in a loving, stable home.

Rescue dogs can take months, even years, to fully settle and reach their full potential. Please take a moment to decide whether you have the patience needed to stick it out through the unsettled times!

Even those who have owned dogs all their life, may be surprised at how much extra work a rescue dog can be, every day, even for us, is a learning experience! Be open to seeking advice from qualified trainers and behaviourists, and factor in these costs also.

Our foster experience allows us to assess dogs as best we can before adoption. However, please understand sometimes it is not possible to know a dog’s full history or medical background. Everything we know about your dog will be passed on before adoption, however we cannot guarantee something is lying dormant that may be evident later in life.

Our team are here to help, we are proud to offer individually tailored advice, we will always do our utmost to give the best support we can offer. However please remember taking on a dog is your responsibility, and therefore being accountable for them is expected.

Our dogs have been let down so much, by so many, we know our adopters will not want to do this either!

Love. Unconditionally. Rescue.