Registered Charity Number: 1194902


Our foster homes are a critical part of rescue. Without them, there would be no rescue!

We believe in foster homes as the most responsible means of equipping our dogs for life after the shelter. Most of our dogs have spent long periods of their lives behind bars, without warm bedding, or a roof over their heads.

Our foster homes are here to show them exactly how to enjoy life as a companion pet! Rest assured, they really love this safe life, away from the scary uncertainty of the cages!

Of course because of this, we are looking for committed and patient foster homes ready to take on this rewarding experience!

We pride ourselves on offering as much support as our foster homes require, assisting them with settling in their temporary foster pup and blossoming them to their full potential. We work with our foster homes to match a dog to their environment as best as possible.

Our foster homes typically house their friend for around 2-4 weeks, but this is very much dependent on how their dog settles, and how adoptable they are.

Typical skills our foster homes are required to show their foster pups may include;
●Toilet training
●Lead training
●General confidence, on walks and in the house
●Taking great pictures and videos to make their adoption album really attractive!
●Being left alone for short periods

Of course some dogs may require extra assistance, and this is taken on a case by case basis.

All of our dogs are special and unique. Just like every foster home! If you would like further information, please drop us an email at [email protected]