Dog surrender form

We understand that making the decision to rehome your pet can be one of the hardest you will ever have to make. This form allows us to get to know your dog a bit better, and therefore understand what kind of environment they need. We use a mixture of foster homes and kennels. We prefer foster homes whenever possible, these can come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important we match dogs that are suitable for them. Once we have received this form, we can be in touch for a phone chat to talk over the process and any requirements you may have. Your dog will then be collected by a volunteer, and placed into appropriate care.

Your dog will be assessed with the rescue for however long that is needed. They may need to receive some training, or behaviour work in some cases. We always use force free, positive reinforcement training methods. Only once they are ready, will we start to search for the perfect forever home for them.

Your dog will have lifetime back up care guaranteed from our rescue, and we will never put a healthy dog down. Every dog is welcomed and treated
like one of our own. Please answer this form as truthfully as possible, as this will help us give the best informed care for your dog
It may be helpful to attach any pictures/videos you believe will be of use.

Due to the costs of boarding, vet treatment, training costs etc that your dog may need during their time in rescue, a minimum donation of £50 is expected for all surrenders