Age: 11-12 years.
Size: medium.
Sex: Neutered Male.
Good with other dogs: Yes.
Good with cats: Unknown, possibly.
Good with children: Adult only home.

Reuben is a senior boy who is only just, in his twilight years, feeling the comforts of a warm home.

Reuben is one of those dogs that Aura’s was set up to help. The old, lost and broken, the dogs that get passed up, overlooked, and forgotten about.

Stuck to the back of a cage for most of his life, this boys old and tired body echoes the life he has had without a family, without hope.

Reuben has been in our foster system for a couple of months now, and has gained a lot of confidence and stability in that time! He’s found the sofa! His new favourite place.. as well as the joys of a sedate walk, and even enjoys some gentle fuss from trusted humans now.

Reuben is a great companion, for days curled up watching a film, or sat in the park, he is a sweet, but reserved soul.

Reuben lives happily with many other dogs in foster, and can get upset when his favourite companions leave for walks without him – so another senior dog who matches his routine would be ideal.

Reuben finds children too loud and confusing, and will run from them. We are looking for a calm retirement home for this boy.

Reuben has a beautiful long coat, which is easily maintained.

Reuben has some loose hips, probably arthritis, so only short gentle walks are required, and we would prefer Reuben to not have to do too many stairs on a daily basis.

Please get in touch for any further enquiries.

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Dog Information

  • Friendly with other dogs?:Yes
  • Friendly with cats?:No
  • Friendly with young children?:No
  • Age?:9-12 years
  • I am looking for:An adult only home.
  • Sex:Male Neutered
  • Size:Medium
  • Location:Bristol


  • Breed:Mixed
  • Color(s):Brown, Grey, White

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