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Please read full description before applying!
Shepherd/large dog experience required.
No first time dog owners.

Size: Large.
Sex: Neutered Female.
Good with other dogs: Dog Selective (READ ADVERT).
Good with cats: Currently lives with a dog savvy cat.
Good with children: Yes. However we are looking for a home without minors due to her history (READ ADVERT).
Good being left alone for short periods?: Yes.
Good on lead: Yes (READ ADVERT).
Good offlead: No.
Destructive?: No.
Housetrained: Yes.
Good in the car: Yes.
Good at the vet: Yes.
Good with visitors: Yes.
Guarding?: No.

Zara is a seriously beautiful dog. Found on the streets when she was just a week old, Zara was bottle fed and raised by humans, therefore, she now counts herself more as human than dog 😅

Zara is really affectionate- her favourite thing in the world is to meet new people, both inside and outside of her home. She greets everyone with a wagging body.

Zara is an active girl, who requires 90minutes + walking a day- Zara loves to sniff and scent trail, and we encourage her to do this, as it works her brain as well as her body. Zara walks well on a short lead, and also on a long line. She cannot go offlead.

If Zara gets adequate enough mental and physical stimulation, she is very relaxed indoors, spending most of the day sunbathing, napping, or cuddling with her humans. She is a very loyal and affectionate dog, who just adores her people.

Now Zara’s area of work is with other dogs. This is really difficult for us to explain as Zara currently lives with 4 other dogs! She likes to play with them, sleep next to them, she is not guarding of her food bowl around them, and they get on more than great. Zara has also been successfully introduced to new dogs, both in and out of the house.

However. Zara is ‘dog selective’ so she doesn’t always get along with some dogs – we have been narrowing down what dogs those might be, these seem to include
•Hyperactive dogs
•offlead dogs who approach Zara whilst on walks
•Poorly socialised dogs
•Dogs who fixate and stare at her

Sadly, when faced with these dogs, Zara has gotten into fights, and this simply isn’t a risk we feel worth taking. Therefore for a forever home, we are looking for somewhere quiet, where Zara can walk without seeing many other dogs.
Full training guidance can be provided by her current foster carer – for example Zara can pass another dog walking on the other side of the road just fine, but passing them on the same pavement would be too close.

Sadly in the past, when her previous home tried to socialise her with other dogs, this has resulted sometimes in fights, there have been incidences of misdirected aggression, where the handler has been bitten by getting between the two dogs. This is why it is important that we look for an adult only home for Zara. Which is such a shame, because she loves people! Therefore we are looking for a very capable home that does not put themselves or Zara in these positions.

It is essential that an adopter of Zara is experienced, especially with large breeds, is physically fit, and able to follow basic management practices.

Zara is responsive to training, and will do a lot for a Richmond sausage! As long as Zara is in foster for, her obedience and skills around other dog’s will be worked on, and is improving. We have found that Zara is comfortable with other dogs from a minimum distance of 5m – commands such as ‘watch me’ and ‘let’s go’ also help to redirect her attention is she worried about a dog getting too close.

Aside from not liking other dogs so much, Zara really is a wonderful companion, she would love someone who enjoys hiking, trailing, and dog training!

Zara is muzzle trained, knows basic commands, and does not have guarding tendencies.

Zara is fully vaccinated, neutered, blood tested, health checked, passported and microchipped.

Zara comes with 5 weeks free insurance, lifetime training support, and lifetime rescue back up from AurasDogs UK.

Dog Information

  • Friendly with other dogs?:No
  • Friendly with cats?:Yes
  • Friendly with young children?:Yes
  • I am looking for:An adult only home.
  • Sex:Female Neutered
  • Size:Large
  • Location:Bristol


  • Breed:Mixed
  • Color(s):Black, Black and Tan

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