Being such a small team we love when people want to help out the rescue. Whether it’s volunteer walking, events or even business partnerships, we are grateful for it all. 

Find out how you can help below.

Learn more about how you can volunteer with Auras Dogs

Volunteer Walkers

As many of our rescue dogs live on site, we love being able to take them our for a walk and get cute photos of them in the process. It can be difficult to try take them all out ourselves. This is where you come in. 

We allow volunteers to come along and take a dog out for a walk. After filling in a Volunteer walker application, which has to be accompanied by a valid ID. We then hold an induction day, this is where we just explain the rules of walking the dogs, where to go and general safety. Once you have completed an application and an induction day, we allow you to come by at any point during our opening hours to walk one of the rescue. 

At the moment all our Volunteer Walker positions are full. If you apply, we will keep you on file and inform you when we are next holding an induction day and have space.   


Companies often ask us how they can run a corporate volunteer day at Auras Dogs. We accept many types of corporate groups with a variety of activities we can offer. 

Whether you want to practice mindfulness and embrace the outdoors, dog walking may be perfect for you. If team building and making a difference is what counts to you, then you can get really stuck in. From helping clean rescue kennels to general maintenance and bigger jobs we don’t have the time to do.

If you are interested, please contact us to figure out how you can best help!


Some dogs really don’t do well in kennels. We try to find them a foster home as quickly as can. Find out more about how you could help foster a dog.