We have compiled some recently asked questions.

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Do you rehome to family with children


However, in order to rehome to families with children, we must ensure everyone’s safety: therefore dogs must demonstrate safe living with children prior to adoption

How long does the adoption process take?

This can be really variable! It depends largely on each individual applicant and dog. However, on average, from application, to dog in home, 2-3 weeks.
Please only apply if you are ready to accept a dog immediately.

Applications wanting a dog in ‘x amount of time’ will not be accepted

Do you blood test dogs that come from abroad?

As of 2022, all dogs from abroad are tested for;
* Leishmaniasis
* Heartworm
* Giardia
* Microfilaria
* Brucellosis

Are dogs vaccinated prior to adoption?

Yes. All dogs must have the basic vaccinations prior to adoption

Are dogs neutered prior to adoption?

Yes, if they are above 1 year old

Do you homecheck potential homes?

Yes. All homes must undergo a homecheck stage in order to discuss the logistics of having a dog in your home. Individual dogs may have increased needs for their environment (such as flight risk dogs)

Are you a registered charity

Charity number: 1194902

Are you insured?


Are dogs assessed prior to adoption?

All dogs are placed into foster care for assessment of their needs and personalities. How long a dog stays in foster care largely depends on
how they assess. Some dogs we feel need longer due to issues that arise.

However; we cannot guarantee that some behaviours are not seen in certain environments, and cannot be responsible if a latent behaviour lays dormant in an animal.

Are dogs trained in foster care?

Dogs may undergo training whilst in foster care. Usually the basics such as house and lead training are covered, but not always. Please note our foster carerers are not responsible for training your dog, only to assess them. Any training needs you may need for your home, will be your responsibility to train (such as being allowed on, or off the sofa)

What is your max rehoming distance?

1.5 hours drive from our behaviourists home in Bristol

Do you employ anyone in your organisation?

No. All of our team are volunteers

Can I visit your centre?

Yes, our kennel base is in the village of Cambridge, 10 miles from the city of Gloucester. However, visits to meet dogs are on an appointment only basis

Do you provide rescue back up?

Yes. All of our adopted dogs are welcomed back with us at any time. However, whether they can be placed into foster care, largely depends on the availability we have at the time.

Do you accept UK dogs?

Yes. Please see our section on ‘need to rehome your dog

What are the costs involved?

Adoption fees are as follows;

£400 for dogs under 9 years
£300 for dogs over 9 years
+£10 for microchip registration

This is inclusive of the following;
Blood tests
Health check (which may be in the UK or abroad)
Microchip implant
5 weeks free insurance
Lifetime behaviour support from the charity

Do you offer trial periods?

Trial periods are offered on a discretionary basis. Not all dogs will be accepted to be had on trial. If a trial period is advised, a £100 non refundable deposit is payable on collection/drop off.

Can I meet my dog prior to adoption?

Yes, and in fact this is compulsory!

Are adoption fees refundable?

No. In the event a dog is returned, further adoption fees will go towards helping to maintain the rescue and services we provide.

How long will it take my dog to adjust to life with me?

An impossible question to answer! Every dog will require patience and unconditional love to settle in a brand new environment. Some dogs take months to fully decompress. Please heavily consider the commitment you’re undertaking. We strongly advise anyone who is considering adopting one of our dog’s to read ‘Before you Adopt‘.