Registered Charity Number: 1194902

Who do we help?

Aura’s Dogs started off by helping one individual, Aura, with a handful of dogs in Romania. Dogs who a member of our team had met in Romania on a visit and fallen in love with.These dogs stood out because they had been waiting such a long time in the shelter, overlooked, unwanted, their shelter needed to be shut down, we feared they would be forgotten forever. We couldn’t stand it! We had to empty that shelter.

The idea was simple: get them proper vet care, blood tests, bring them to the UK, rehabilitate them in foster homes, and then rehome them to their forever homes! However, once that mission was over. How could we stop?! We knew there were other dogs in similar situations across the world, we knew they deserved a chance too.

We started off with just 2 people. 1 foster home (as one of us wasn’t even allowed dogs in their home!) and have since grown into a registered organisation, with hundreds of dogs happy in their forever homes.

We are still a small, independent rescue, with 3 dog loving ladies at the helm, and a handful of dedicated and passionate foster carers. We now work with a few shelters, individuals, kennels, and with the public, but our premise is still simple. To empty the shelters.


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Our hearts still lie in Romania, we believe change is possible with education to assist in the terrible stray and abandoned dog situation there.

We rescue from one small shelter, hidden away in a tiny village north of Bucharest. The shelter is basic, unsanitary, and unfit for purpose.  A few volunteers tend to the dogs here, but they have few resources, and the dogs remain under endless threat of disease, injury, and exposure. We hope to clear this shelter and close it down.

We have also taken dogs from the numerous public shelters in Romania, including PS Lancram, Mihailesti and Bragadiru.


We assist in the rescue of street and shelter dogs from a couple of small rescues based in Bosnia. The situation in Bosnia is nothing short of a disaster for the street and shelter dogs, with increased difficulty in getting them out of the country.

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We feel just as much a responsibility to dogs in our own country, as those abroad. We believe every dog deserves a chance, no matter where they are born.

Some of our dogs come from other UK based rescues, who reach out for specialist help with dogs with behavioural issues or in need of rehabilitation. Our rehab space is limited, however we have had great success with many tricky cases.

We accept owner surrenders from families who are no longer able to take care of their pets. This can be for all sorts of reasons, including bereavement, relocation, changes in circumstances, etc. If you wish to enquire whether we can help in rehoming your dog please see here.

Would you like to work with us?

If you are a rescuer, either in the UK or abroad, and would like to discuss with us the possibility of working with our rehoming team, please contact us at [email protected]

Our team is small, demand is high, but we will do our utmost to assist where we can. Every dog is valued.

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