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Polite Notice!

❌⭕️ Polite Notice! ⭕️❌

We are currently receiving large volumes of applications at the moment, most of which contain long lists of requirements for a dog. 🙃Most of these applications appear on the surface wildly unsuitable for one of our dogs – so here’s why, and what you can do about it!

Applications wanting dogs ‘good with dogs, cats, children/visiting children etc etc’ The majority of applications we get want this ‘golden trio’ for a dog.
Yes; we understand why! However, please respect that our dogs come from a SHELTER or STREET background 90% of the time.

Yes, we do sometimes get dogs who are ‘perfect’ with all 3, but most of the time this is not the case, especially at first! 🤯Applicants with cats: Yes, we do get cat friendly dogs. However, please assess whether your cat is DOG FRIENDLY also. We find a lot of our dogs will be fine with confident cats, 🐱 however, if you have a flighty or fearful cat, chances are the dog will chase!

Please dog test your cat before applying. Just because a dog is friendly with some cats, doesn’t guarantee it will with yours. What provisions will you make to ensure they get along or are kept separate until they do (which may be never!) 🐈‍⬛

Applicants with children: We do sometimes have child friendly dogs. We will only place dogs with children if they have demonstrated safe living with kids before, and have 0 bite history. However, please also discuss and assess whether your children understand the responsibilities and boundaries of dogs also. Even child friendly dogs may not instantly run into playing ball with your kids- be aware this bond, like any, may take time. Be prepared to separate dogs and kids at times, and supervise ALL THE TIME. 👶

Applicants with visiting children: (Or in fact, visitors in general of any kind!) if you have children visit from time to time, is it really necessary or to be expected that your dog is good with them? Are you instead able to separate them on these occasions? A dog who doesn’t typically live with children on a daily basis, may not understand the prospect of visiting children. They will need to be kept separate. 🙏

Please DO NOT have visitors come to your home for the first 2-3 weeks after adopting a dog – they are still getting used to YOU, let alone strangers! 🤪

Applicants wishing dogs to go to dog parks, be sociable with every dog they meet both on and off lead: This prospect is wildly popular, and also, very unrealistic for a rescue dog the majority of the time. Please think about whether this is a MUST for your rescue dog. Strange dogs will be scary, what will you do to ensure your dog feels secure?

Are you prepared to take quieter routes at times? Especially at first! NOT ALL dogs will like busy dog parks. 🐕🥰Finally. When applying for a dog, instead of long lists of ‘musts’ it is great when we see applications who also express what THEY are willing to offer a rescue dog, whether that’s time, space, professional training, dedication, or unconditional love! THESE are the applications we pick up and call first! 🥰

We understand the idea of rescue can be romantic. However, any dog, but especially a rescue like ours, will need ongoing training, patience, and support. Returning a dog after a couple of days is so disheartening for everyone involved, and very disruptive for the dog – please heavily consider the affect on your life a rescue dog will make, and the lengths you are realistically willing to go to, to ensure they thrive and become the happy dog they deserve to be

❤️Thank you for reading this far! ❤️
A very tired, AurasDogs Team.